Coeus Blue Managed Web Hosting


Load Testing

More than just serving up data, we help you understand how the results affect your business.

Application Validation

Coeus Blue's Application Validation Testing allows you to test your application in a production caliber environment under full production load levels prior to launch.  Finding application issues that do not exhibit themselves under low load before launch can save expensive downtime and prevent the need for emergency fixes.

Our Engineers can work with your current hosting provider or in-house staff to rapidly replicate planned or existing infrastructure in the cloud.  If you do not yet have a hosting solution engineered or do not know how much capacity you will need, we can design a flexible solution allowing you to test ideas utilizing your staff and our engineers at a fraction of the cost and time of  physical hardware additions.

Once a platform is up and running the collaboration can continue at the level that best fits your team.  Our team can develop a complete test suite, help capture debugging information from the application, troubleshoot issues between third party and backend systems and provide advice, fresh ideas and solutions. Application Validation Testing is most successful when it is a team effort, to facilitate that we can make use of most major testing tools to run test harnesses implemented by your developers as well as setup remote access for your team to run tests themselves.  We can allow your team access to all the servers and data, we strive to be a member of your team not just a hosting company to install an operating system on a server.