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Coeus Blue Managed Hosting, Enterprise Cloud Hosting and consulting

Managed Hosting

Enterprise scale, dedicated and experienced engineers, cloud flexibility.  From Magento to Fry's OCP™, custom PHP or full Java, learn how managed hosting with Coeus Blue is exactly what you have been looking for.


managed cloud hosting, magento, Open Commerce Platform and more

Consulting Services

Magento™, Fry's Open Commerce Platform™, intranet cloud computing, self hosting, cloud deployments and much more.  We offer professional hosting expertise for any infrastructure project.


Load Testing

More than serving up data, we help you understand how the results affect your business. If you need help testing your application, your hosting environment or your new idea, look to Coeus Blue.


Coeus Blue is a managed hosting provider specializing in managed Magento hosting.  Our engineers answer your questions and solve your problems coupled with the flexibility of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Coeus Blue lets your ecommerce site perform, without breaking the bank.