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About Us

We'd like to get to know you. Here is a little information about us.

Our Work

Coeus Blue is a managed hosting provider utilizing cloud infrastructure to build enterprise class solutions for ecommerce sites.   By designing environments which utilize the strengths of the cloud while mitigating its weaknesses we provide unparalleled performance and stability at a fraction the cost of traditional managed hosting.  We take the complexities of managing your Magento or J2EE based ecommerce site off your plate so you can get back to running your business.

Our Name

What? Who? Coeus Blue. In Greek mythology, Coeus (koh ee us) was one of the Titan gods, the giant sons of Heaven and Earth, credited with holding the whole cosmos aloft. No small feat. It’s that kind of support we deliver at Coeus Blue, but scaled just right for your business.

Cloud computing is a revolution in computing, emerging from extraordinary change. The ways in which we can put it to work for your business? The sky’s the limit with, blue, Coeus Blue.

Our Founder

Matthew Goward – Founder and CEO

Matt has a big vision for small companies. He’ll settle for nothing less than, “changing the way eCommerce is hosted. Everywhere.” And he has the experience and know how to back it up.

Before founding Coeus Blue, Matt helped grow the managed services business at Fry, Inc. Fry, now a part of Micros-Retail, was an eCommerce pioneer, providing web design, development and hosting. While at Fry, the managed services business grew exponentially, with Matt as a major contributor. In roles as senior systems engineer, and lead engineer, Matt worked with clients and development teams to build successful eCommerce solutions for a wide range of clients including Cabela’s and Express.

Design and configuration of hosting environments, load testing for capacity analysis and software QA, authoring environment and process docs, debugging apps, Matt did it all. Platforms? He’s well versed; from Apache to Websphere and everything in between.

It was at Fry where Matt began to think about innovative ways to host eCommerce sites – a model that worked for businesses where a big investment in server hardware was overkill but, commoditized hosting services weren’t enough to sustain the business. While Matt was innovating, cloud computing was evolving; Matt had found his model.

Prior to Fry, Matt was with Siemens/SBS and was responsible for Ford’s extranet operations. He also worked as a network engineer for Msen, Inc. and Delcor Homes.

Matt recognized the potential of eCommerce early on, when he co-founded a web design company in 1998. He hasn’t looked back since.


Our Team

To bring the right resources to bear on client projects, Matt calls on the experience and talent of a team of eCommerce experts he has worked with for years. Coeus Blue clients get the skilled team they need – but only what they need, for as long as they need. That principle is the core of our business, after all.

Your project requires Linux expertise? Matt collaborates with Chris, a Linux expert with 20 years of experience. As virtualization technologies proliferated, Chris engineered farms with VMWare ESX, Solaris zones and IBM LPAR, Parrellel’s Virtuozzo, Xen and others. Grateful clients include an international manufacturing company for whom Chris implemented a payroll system and a major retailer whose eCommerce site was re-platformed in time for a multimillion dollar holiday season. If you need versatility Chris is your guy.

Need systems engineering? Matt calls on Isaac, a seasoned systems engineer who creates highly available, fault tolerant, optimized systems. For fun.  Are you a Verizon customer? Ever purchased an app on your phone? Then, you've used Isaac's massive MySQL cluster database. Isaac brings many years of systems engineering experience to Coeus Blue, including stints at Oracle and Fry, Inc.  Put his expertise to work for you.

What about technical reporting, license and standards management, contract maintenance, accounting and the many other mission critical back office functions that keep the engine stoked? We’ve got Niki, a dedicated team player, who likes to set big goals just so she can beat them. We’ve got her and are willing to share her business savvy with you.

Whatever your project requires -- no more, no less. We’ll bring it.


We’re new and growing. If you’d like to find out more about jobs with us, send a note to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it