Coeus Blue Managed Web Hosting


Managed Hosting

Enterprise design, dedicated and experienced engineers, cloud flexibility.


With cloud hosting, you pay for only what you need. In traditional hosting models, your business has to buy more capacity than you need which leads to large capital expenses and the crushing depreciation they carry. The cloud lets you change the size of your servers as the needs of your business changes. When you need more memory or processor power, call or email us and you’ve got it minutes.

Do you have big ad campaigns coming up that will double your traffic? Coeus Blue’s cloud hosting solutions mean you don't spend time to prepare expensive new servers, only to have them underutilized after the campaign. Call us; we’ll add new servers in minutes to meet your needs. When your capacity needs decrease, we remove it and save you thousands of dollars.

Do you have big holiday capacity needs?

A huge daytime load but very few overnight needs?

Coeus Blue will customize to fit your business needs -- no more, no less. No waste.