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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Is your content being delivered at the best possible speed? Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) will increase responsiveness, decrease frustration and can even help to improve your search engine placement. What is a CDN? A CDN is a way to place parts of your web site closer to your customers. Remember, just because you have a fast, reliable server and internet connection on the business side does not mean that your customers have the same on their side. The Content Delivery Network helps eliminate trips across the country or around the world for the images and pages on your site. We are able to provide you with an affordable and easily implemented solution that delivers results.

Increasing Responsiveness, Decreasing Frustration and Improving Search Engine Placement

Your customers want instant gratification and also dynamic content. Implementing a CDN will allow your customers to reach your site faster. Your site needs to be responsive and still be able to deliver large amounts of data; files, video, images, CSS and JavaScript without frustrating decreases to speed.

Your site is constantly being reviewed and ranked to figure out that omnipresent search engine placement and now search engines are including site speed in their evaluation. Using a Content Delivery Network will help search crawlers see faster load times and this can impact your overall search placement.

The image below shows you how a CDN can manage your site’s content.


















We are flexible to meet your needs for a CDN. We are ready to set-up your site to utilize our CDN without any extra work uploading content by using what is already available on your server(s) in our datacenter. Talk to an expert - contact a Coeus Blue representative to find out how we can help you implement a Content Delivery Network to increase your search placement, conversion rates and whole user experience.