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Consulting Services

Fry's Open Commerce Platform™ support, self hosting, platform migrations and more. Professional hosting expertise for any infrastructure project.

Consulting Services

We design it. We support it. We improve it.


With engineers experienced in every aspect of application hosting, most notably Fry's Open Commerce Platform™, Coeus Blue is the ideal partner to augment the skills of your team. From eCommerce and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), to application infrastructure migrations (Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS), we deliver the advice and assistance to make your next project a success.


Environment Design

You may have an internal IT staff of one, or a department of hundreds, but in today's economy how much time do they really have to research and master new skills? If they are innovating, can you afford false starts? By partnering with an engineer from Coeus Blue your project starts out in the right direction.


Maintenance and Support

You don't need to add an expensive full time staff to have enterprise class self hosting. With Coeus Blue consulting services and hosting support you have access to the same 24x7 NOC as our enterprise hosting clients. Our engineers all have at least 10 years' experience managing eCommerce hosting environments for major retailers and manufacturers. We can augment your staff to provide assistance in specialized areas or extend our monitoring and support tools into your environment to provide a complete support solution.


Fry's OCP

Working at Fry when it was developed, we know how to run this powerful e-commerce platform. Learn More


Application Knowledge

We specialize in J2EE applications running Tomcat and Apache, php applications running Apache or nginx and MySql on CentOS or Microsoft SQL Server on Windows. We support open source eCommerce software such as Magento Community, Magento Enterprise, Joomla, Wordpress and more.  While our expertise includes the Linux based open source solutions we use for our own hosting clients, our experience is not limited to publicly developed software.  Our engineers have many years of experience managing eCommerce sites built on Fry's Open Commerce Platform™ (OCP). We've run large eCommerce sites on IBM WebSphere with Oracle databases.  We've developed and maintained search back ends using tools from Endeca, Lucene, Mercado and many more.