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Enterprise design, dedicated and experienced engineers, cloud flexibility.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Coeus Blue's Dynamic Infrastructure Scaling is an enterprise-class cloud hosting solution, custom designed to meet the needs of your business and application. Much more than a buzz word, cloud computing is the money-saving alternative to expensive hardware, and the answer for the unpredictable capacity needs of your fast paced business.


Why consider cloud hosting?


Scalability – When your new product goes viral and your site's traffic increases 100-fold, will your site handle it? Why invest in hardware you only need during seasonal spikes or product campaigns? Cloud hosting solves the problem by eliminating the tie your capacity has to physical hardware.  When your traffic goes up, the size of your server farm rises to meet it. As traffic subsides, your farm scales back down. We call it 'auto-scaling'. It means you only pay for what you use. No capital investment, no capacity risks.

Performance - The performance you need is affordable because you only pay for what you use. Have you settled for slow site performance during peaks in the past because of hardware that is only fully utilized a few hours a month?  With auto-scaling cloud hosting you don’t have to compromise.  Get the performance you need, when you need it, with significant savings.

Reliability – With hardware, component failures can bring your site down and send your customers to a competitor.  With cloud hosting, rare physical hardware failures are fixed in minutes, not hours or days.  Even in the unlikely event of the failure of an entire data center, your infrastructure is started up in another facility across the country or around the world -- in minutes.  Why pay for disaster recovery hardware that never gets used? Cloud hosting builds full farm disaster recovery right into the platform.


Why Coeus Blue Hosting?


Managed hosting is more than just a dedicated server and automated backups.  Managed hosting means we act as an extension of your own staff to provide the best possible service for your business. There is no software to learn, no employee training; when you need help, you call our engineers.  They work with your developers to optimize the performance and reliability of your site.  We handle backups, patches, monitoring, and reporting for you.  Our engineers stay up to date on best practices and security trends.

We take care of your site – you run your business.

Flexibility - Many hosting firms limit the services their staff performs and the solutions they provide.  At Coeus Blue, we place no limits on our staff or our client service.

For example, if your Magento™ site needs Tomcat to set up a Java section, we can do it.  If you have a Fry OCP site and want to move some of your traffic to the cloud, we have a solution.  No matter how unique the needs of your business, we will provide what’s needed to drive your online success.

Service Guarantee – Many hosting companies promise service level guarantees of 99.99% (or more) but read the ‘fine print’. What they mean is hardware repair or that their border network will be up.

At Coeus Blue when we guarantee service, we deliver the service that’s most critical for you!  Your site will be up and working to meet your customers’ needs.  Performance problems can happen but if they do you’ll have an engineer doing everything possible to ensure your site is working the way you want rather than a hardware fix.

Value Added Services – We offer integration with the Amazon Content Distribution Network (CDN), Cloudfront at a fraction of the cost of other CDNs. We offer load testing on our platform, or full support for the testing provider you've chosen.  From VPN setups for your corporate network to knowledgeable advice on any infrastructure, we offer experience you can rely on.

Security – The cloud can be a tricky place. Your business depends on your site’s security. We have been implementing secure environments for 15 years and truly understand the unique needs of online retailers and B2B sites.  Not only do we meet the requirements of the PCI DSS, we go beyond those minimum requirements to ensure the security of your site and your customer's data.

Engineer Support Around the Clock– Our 24×7x365 support staff are the same engineers who design and build your server farm.  We know that when you call a Network Operation Center you need someone to fix the problem, not just open a ticket.  Hosting providers that maintain thousands of sites employ non-technical support staff just to manage requests.  Your business becomes an account number. Our clients are fully managed or self hosting, so if there’s a problem in the middle of the night, you need a senior engineer.

At Coeus Blue, you benefit from the dedicated, personal support of a smaller provider sharing their expertise of years of working with large, multinational clients.

What our mid-sized farm looks like:
A mid-sized farm is a dedicated database server, two app servers, and a standalone dev server running the app and database portions of development on smaller hardware than production.
As your site needs change, we add app servers.  As the business grows, a second database server is added to accommodate more app servers.

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