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Open Commerce Platform (OCP) Hosting

Coeus Blue has more experience hosting Fry's Open Commerce Platform than any hosting provider on the web. With our cloud based Fry OCP hosting platform we provide a scalable, reliable hosting platform backed by engineers who understand high volume, enterprise E-Commerce.


Why host your Open Commerce Platform site with Coeus Blue?


OCP Specific Experience - Coeus Blue is the only place you can find engineers who have implemented Fry Open Commerce Platform hosting solutions for Fry or Micros Retail.  We bring you the experience and dedicated support to make your site perform to its full potential.

Cloud Scalability - Our demand based scaling system allows us to add servers to your environment in just minutes as traffic demands. This means you can have an affordable  server farm that triples in size during US business hours and doubles again for the holiday shopping season.  All for less then the price of the smallest dedicated farms available in traditional hosting models.  When you only have to pay for the capacity you use, the full scale enterprise grade farm you need is suddenly within budget.

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