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Load Testing

More than just serving up data, we help you understand how the results affect your business.

Capacity Analysis

Coeus Blue's load testing offers more than just a report with performance metrics for your site, we help you understand what the metrics mean to your business.

Capacity analysis – In its most common form load testing is simply a pass or fail test for your application at a number of load levels. Trying to predict the full capacity of your farm based on the response time of pages alone is a dangerous exercise, as the failure point is rarely found with linear prediction.  Our Engineers use a combination of in house developed operating system and application server monitoring tools to accurately determine the precise state of your infrastructure during the test. If your hosting solution or security controls do not allow you to run our tools we have many options to import data from industry standard monitoring suites and simple monitoring protocols like SNMP.  By combining the state of your farm with the measured responses to a given amount of load we are more accurately able to predict the failure point of your application and thus the real world capacity of your farm.

Tune Existing Platform – Running your load testing with a team who under stand e-commerce applications and will work with your developers to understand exactly what is happening within the application will often reveal subtle bugs that can have substantial effect on performance. Having insight into the state of the farm and the ability to adjust test parameters mid-test allows you to make corrections and tune the server configurations to get the most performance out of your current farm rather then spending time and money on hardware you may not need.

Avoid Downtime – Modern complicated enterprise applications rarely fail at the point a graph of cpu or response times would suggest.  More often than not a problem is discovered prior to the full utilization of the hardware. Having an experienced engineer working as a team member can help you locate those bottle necks before they show themselves on your busiest, and generally highest revenue days.

Predict Future Capital Needs – Once you have found your bottlenecks, determined your current farm’s capacity, and made all the improvements you will have the information you need to accurately determine what changes will be needed not just a month in the future but often times for your next fiscal year as well.  The ability to forecast for the future lets you bring in infrastructure changes in a well planned manner instead of in a panic when the application is under duress.